Pool Leak Detection

Don’t let your pool drain you!

With over 60 years of experience in the pool industry and using the latest technology in leak detection equipment, we WILL find your leak!! We also provide a one-year warranty on most leak repairs and a thirty-day warranty to confirm we found all the leaks.

Call a professional

Almost always the pool owner knows if their pool is loosing water. Waiting to get it fixed just costs more money in water and chemicals. Finding a pool leak can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Is it a problem with the pipes, the equipment, or is the pool’s shell leaking?

The swimming pool is viewed in basically three aspects:

1. Underground Plumbing: We’ll inspect all plumbing utilizing specialized equipment to detect any problems.

2. Structure or Shell: The shell, or structure of the pool, is investigated with ultra sound listening equipment and by using pinpoint dye testing methods. Areas like the skimmer, main drain, light, & return fittings are inspected.

3. Above ground Plumbing and Equipment: (pumps, filters, etc): The above ground plumbing and equipment is also a very important aspect of a comprehensive leak test. Certain plumbing configurations can allow water loss without the homeowner’s knowledge.

What is allowable for evaporation?

Unfortunately there is no magic number or standard formula. There are many different variables in play that determine evaporation rates.

Swimming Pool Plumbing Leaks

Pool leaks can be found anywhere in or outside of your swimming pool. You should first search for a leak in your entire filter system, to include the pump, filter, chlorinator, and heater. 

If you have not found a leak in the filter system, it could be a cracked pipe underground as shown here. This type of hidden leak can create surging water bills and higher than normal pool chemical costs. These leaks can also be slow and go undetected for weeks, months, or even years. If in doubt, it is always best to have a professional check it out. 

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