Pool Leak Detection

With over 60-years experience and using the latest technology in leak detection equipment, our team of highly-trained professionals can isolate with incredible precision, the location of your leak.

Underground Plumbing Repairs

At Leak Wizard, we not only do the leak detection, but we also do most associated leak repairs; including under the deck plumbing repairs, pool/spa wall fitting repairs, and main drain repairs.

Pool Crack Repair

When shifting occurs, it puts a strain on the pool shell, and can cause it to crack. We can help!

Unclog Pool Plumbing Lines

Clogged lines can lead to sluggish motors, causing additional wear and tear on your equipment. Our trained professionals can help.

Handrail Installations

Handrails provide an extra layer of pool safety. We install Saftron brand handrails in a variety of colors and sizes.

Pool Leak Detection Tampa, FL
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